Welcome to APOCCA

APOCCA is a technology consultancy company within industrial electrical engineering, automation and project management. We manage national as well as international projects in several different lines of business such as marine/offshore, process and manufacturing industry.

At APOCCA many years of automation experience is united with new up-to date technology and up-to date know-how. This combined with our driven co-workers makes us the obvious choice for all of your needs within automation.

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APOCCA AB Stridsvagnsvägen 9 SE-291 39 Kristianstad Tel: 044-25 31 400

Ekonomi / Administration Tel: 044-25 31 408


APOCCA AB Sporregatan 12
SE-213 77 MALMÖ Tel: 040-666 95 71
Fax: 044-12 55 12
Org.nr: 556825-2919